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Fixed, Variable, Indexed Annuities


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Fixed, Variable, Indexed Annuities
We offer all types of Annuities from the highest rated carriers, from Fixed - index to Variable. We also specialize in Substandard Annuities. You can check all of the available rates from our site with different maturity and bonus levels. Our Carriers provide innovative products that are specifically designed to help your clients accumulate assets and to convert those assets into a retirement income. We offer Guaranteed Fixed Annuities up to 10 years and regular fixed renewable annuities for any need.

Our Index Portfolio includes plans with multi-investment choices, surrender options and payouts from the 5th year up. We can also provide you with complete spreadsheets which includes Rates, Carriers, Options with interest rates, Surrender charges and all other requirements to meet your client's needs. We can design plans to suit your client's needs based on income and asset preservation. Just give us a call if you need further details.

We also offer Immediate Annuities for Substandard with a higher pay out. We also provide you with Index Annuities with different calculation options up to 100% participation and high cap rates from most major Carriers!

We have Carriers which will exchange your client's existing Deferred Annuity Plan to a Life Insurance plan which could help the client to transfer their assets (upon death of the insured) to their beneficiary(ies), tax free with simplified underwriting. Contact us for more details.

For Savings and Retirement like 401k cases, IRA and pensions, we can provide you with experts from our different Carriers to help you write your case, answer all your questions and help you choose the best products available from our different companies! Just call us (888) 224-4777 or email us for proposals.