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About our Company!
Global Insurance Resources Group Inc. has been in the Insurance industry for a number of years now. Our solid background and years of experience in the business has earned the trust of many agencies and independent brokers on their cases. Our company is primarily built to provide efficient service to producers who are looking for the lowest premium rates in Life, Disability and Long Term Care insurance with particular interest in Hard-to-place, Substandard cases. And for our Annuity products, we offer you the highest rate credited from our Carriers with the best commissions available.  

We have partnered with strong, reliable Insurance Companies to create a secure and stable environment to our brokers who are looking for great opportunities in the market today with minimal risks.

We have our team of service oriented people to guide and assist our brokers in the application and underwriting process of their cases. Our commitment to servicing our Producers has been our main priority since the Company's inception, and up to now the Company has never failed to continuously improve the quality of services that we provide.
With over 65 carriers in our portfolio, we can help you place any case. 99% of all our Life cases come back with offers!
Below is a short list of our services:
Bank Financing to fund SPIAs to buy Life Insurance. No outlay, big premiums,
Pension Rescue Programs,
SPIAs to fund Life Insurance - Big sales, easy sales,
IRA Transfers - get money out of IRAs as a deductible event,
412i plans - easy sale deductible premiums,
Survivorship sales - catch up provisions lower the cost below your competitors,
Foreign National Insurance. Our qualified in-house underwriters will give you offers that are placeable,
Substandard insurance. Our qualified in-house underwriters will give you offers that are placeable,
Write your clients up to maximum issue age of 90,
Guaranteed issue and Simplified issue programs up to $2 million/life,
Senior Settlements. Help your clients and receive big commissions,
We also provide spreadsheet proposals for Term and Permanent Life Insurance.