Substandard Cases


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Substandard Cases
For your Declined, Rated and Hard-to-place cases, we highly suggest for you to go for our Guaranteed or Simplified Issue Products or we can simply shop the case with other Carriers and Reinsures who can give a better offer for your cases. We can send the inquiry to the Carriers either by a quick quote questionnaire or an informal inquiry.

A quick quote questionnaire is a one page form where the client/agent briefly summarizes the client's present and previous medical condition. No medical records, exams attached and offers usually came back within 48 hours.

For an informal inquiry, a much detailed report on the client's medical condition is required, usually the attending Physician's Notes (APS) are submitted along with previous and current copies of client's exams to our Underwriters so to give them a better idea of the client's medical standing. The informal underwriting will usually take longer than the Quick Quote but the assessment will be more accurate than the latter.

The following will be needed to complete an informal inquiry:
1) Complete current medial records of the client for the last 5 years,

2) Signed
MIB/HIPAA Authorization from the client.