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Licensing & Contracts
Our company is one of the very few insurance marketing agencies that can provide brokers with a variety of products and services from different carriers through a single agency - Global Insurance Resources Group Inc. We handle individual brokers' to General Agencies (with existing sub-agents), licensing and contracting supporting them all the way until the individual/entity gets appointed with the Insurance Company(ies). We make sure that all the licensing and contracting requirements are complete and will even provide the necessary paperwork. All the broker has to do is complete all the information and sign the paper and we will take care of the rest, easy huh?

How do you get contracted with us?

First, we require our agents to have clean criminal, credit history/financial records. Its just one of our basic rules. If the broker passed that, then its time to start with the paperwork. Alas, but the agent has to speak with our licensing department before any agreements can be finalize. You should be able to do that by phone if you live far from us or a personal meeting is preferable.

Now that you're an appointed agent, what can you expect from us?

Global Insurance Resources Group Inc. will become your backend office which will handle all the necessary paperwork and underwriting process for your cases to allow you more time to focus on your selling and marketing. Our goal is to provide our producers the maximum commission they are capable of. So relax, need not worry about a single thing on your case, the headache is going to be on us. We'll be the one to set up the exam for your clients, order the medical records and inspection report (applicable to some carriers only) but sometimes, we might find the need for you to assist us in handling the cases like doing some errands so we can get ahead with the process i.e. verify some information with your clients, find missing medical records, etc.

How do we pay you in return? 
The bottom line, yes we are talking about commissions. Well we do offer the highest commission payouts allowed by the carriers to our producers. Aside from that we give our agents additional incentives to give them some kind of motivation to go beyond their normal capacity. Commission will be discussed further during your meeting with the Licensing.

Right now our participating carriers are giving out free vacation trips around the world to our producers who can make the quota for the annual production. Please contact us for more details on the Travel Packages!