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Welcome to Our Website!

Our Company prides itself in providing some of the lowest rates in Life, Disability, Annuities and Long Term Care Insurance. With over 55 carriers with no prejudice toward any one Carrier, we have diversified our product portfolio to give you the most competitive rates and up to date products in the market today.

If We Can't Get It Issued, No One Can!

Our company has our team of Expert Case Designers who will assist you with your case presentations providing you with illustrations, quotes, and necessary paperwork. Our website will also provide you with sales tools such as application forms, contracts and appointments, brochures and updates, etc.

We have several Companies who can offer Preferred Non-smoker rates for occasional cigarettes smokers and standard non-smoker for regular cigarette smokers up to 3 years. We can also get your clients Preferred Rates for cigar smokers and pilots.

Insurance Resources Group makes it easy for you to make money by taking care of all the required processing and paperwork. We offer the highest payouts allowed by our Carriers to our Producers. We specialize in Substandard and Declined Cases which we shop from our Carriers for the most competitive rates available and 99% of those cases come back with offers, So if we can't get your case issued, no one can!